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Katie and James Force
I just want to thank you for the months of effort that you put into our short sale. Short sales are anything but short and are so frustrating we were glad to have you on our side and making sure the process went as smooth as possible. Thankfully with your expertise you were able to ensure our short sale got approved and the bank waived any contributions on our part. Your team was great at staying on top of us and making sure we got the documents back to you quickly to keep the process moving. I would recommend you to anyone doing a short sale in Florida.
Michele Kelly
"Thank you so much for your expert help with my short sale. You took what was a horrible, scary situation and turned it completely around. Your professionalism and tenacity has lifted a huge financial burden off my shoulder. I can now move forward to build a new life. The peace of mind you provided me is invaluable. You and your staff have my deepest gratitude."